Collaboration project between Megahouse and threezero


A new collaboration project between Megahouse and threezero was announced today at the online event MEGAHOBBY EXPO ONLINE SAI ( ). The first item to be released under the threeMega collaboration brand will be VA Hi-SPEC UNITED threeMega Future GPX Cyber Formula Asurada G.S.X!To celebrate the upcoming 30th Anniversary of the Future GPX Cyber Formula anime series in 2021, we will be developing a high-end collectible of the protagonist’s racecar, Asurada G.S.X. Today we have revealed the design illustrations by threezero’s creative director Kelvin Sau, who has accurately followed the guidance of the original designs by Shoji Kawamori while enhancing the mechanical details. As one example, different panels within the white area on the vehicle will be painted in different white for creating a realistic presentation of a large-scaled collectible, and the Asurada G.S.X will also have interactive features such as articulated doors and boost pod, and various light-up instruments. Please look forward to seeing threeMega’s vision realized when this project is ready for us to reveal more!