Armored Trooper VOTOMS ROBO-DOU Scopedog is currently on pre-order at threezero Store, threezero Tmall, and distribution partners worldwide!

ROBO-DOU Scopedog includes many interactive features to increase playability. Both forearms can be extended for the “Arm Punch” attack feature, and its legs can be transformed to take the crouching mode. Additionally, each foot has a tire for the “Roller Dash” feature installed at the sole, which deploys when the front tip of the foot is lifted up. Furthermore, the “Turn Pick” at the side of each foot can be extended.

SRP: 149.99 USD / 1,100 RMB / 1,180 HKD / 4,560 TWD / 19,540 JPY

※ In development. Final product may vary from promotional images.