DLX Iron Man Mark 4: threezero’s Latest Marvel DLX Series Figure!

Incredible detail and articulation of Tony Stark’s iconic armor skillfully recreated by threezero

Toy company threezero and Marvel Studios are thrilled to present the DLX Iron Man Mark 4 as the next figure in the Marvel DLX series! The Mark 4 armor showcases a shimmering red and gold color scheme with a multi-layer metallic coating process applied to accurately replicate the design of Tony Stark’s powerful suit!

This fully-articulated collectible figure stands approximately at 6.9” (~17.5cm) tall and is constructed of threezero’s renown DLX die-cast system with approximately 48 points of articulation. Detailed structural engineering and exquisite design enable the figure to depict a variety of action poses while maintaining a realistic appearance.

The accessories of DLX Iron Man Mark 4 can be interchanged with those of the recently released DLX Iron Man Mark 6. The Mark 4 armor features LED lighting functions on the chest and eyes, while the four flight panels on the back can be flipped to open and close. In addition, it comes with extra equipment and accessories, including Smart Micro-Guns, Micro-Munition Missiles, six pairs of interchangeable hands, effect parts for Laser Beam and flight poses, and a DLX action stand. With these features, DLX Iron Man Mark 4 offers a wide range of display possibilities!

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About threezero:
Established in 2000, toy company threezero has collaborated for over two decades with international brands and world-renowned designers. They have successfully navigated changes in the toy industry, pioneering new technical advances and nurturing the growth of the collectibles medium. Notable collaborations include properties such as Marvel Studios’ The Infinity Saga and many more, solidifying threezero’s position as a leading force in the industry.

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