From the movie “SHIN MASKED RIDER,” FigZero 1/6 Masked Rider No.2+1 (SHIN MASKED RIDER) has LED light installed inside the eyes located in the helmet for lighting effect. The jaw piece of the mask “Crusher” is articulated to be able to adjust length for mouth movement. He comes with two pairs of interchangeable boots, where one pair is for better articulation with parts separated at the ankles, and another pair where each boot is made as a single piece for a seamless appearance. Additional accessories included five pairs of interchangeable hands and two vintage-style telephones in different colors are included to capturing the appearance as seen in the “Moshi Moshi Telephone” promotional project for the film.

FigZero 1/6 Masked Rider No.2+1 (SHIN MASKED RIDER) is currently on pre-order at threezero Store, threezero Tmall, and distribution partners worldwide!

SRP: 179.99 USD / 1,330 RMB / 1,420 HKD / 5,650 TWD / 24,260 JPY

※ In development. Final product may vary from promotional images.