From the “ULTRAMAN SUIT ANOTHER UNIVERSE” project, FigZero 1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA SKY TYPE is currently on pre-order at threezero Store, threezero Tmall, and distribution partners worldwide!

FigZero 1/6 ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA SKY TYPE collectible is 1/6th scale, standing approximately 31.6cm (~12.4”) tall, and is a fully-articulated figure with over 47 points of articulation. ULTRAMAN SUIT TIGA POWER TYPE has an exquisitely detailed paint application, and is constructed partially of die-cast zinc alloy with other metal parts. LED light-up features are installed in the eyes, at the Tiga Crystal on the forehead, and the Color Timer on the chest.

SRP: 149 USD / 1,110 RMB / 1,170 HKD / 4,780 TWD / 23,430 JPY

※ In development. Final product may vary from promotional images.