threezero is proud to present the special Transformers: Generation 1 edition of three Transformers MDLX figures – Optimus Prime, Bumblebee, and Megatron – with a classic vintage animation inspired paint scheme, celebrating the 40th anniversary of this legendary cartoon and toy line!

The first batch of 100 units each of Transformers MDLX Optimus Prime (Vintage Animation Edition), Transformers MDLX Bumblebee (Vintage Animation Edition) and Transformers MDLX Megatron (Vintage Animation Edition) will be available for on-site purchase at the threezero booth at TFcon Los Angeles 2024. This will be available starting from the evening of March 8th when it is open to VIP attendees, and on March 9th starting from 9:00am PST when doors open for early admission attendees.

Limited quantities will be available at selected distribution partners worldwide, threezero Store, and threezero Tmall. Please stay tuned for announcements from our retailers ( for more details. Don’t miss out!

※ Available worldwide, excluding Japan.
※ In development. Final product may vary from promotional images.

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