Who’s excited for threezero’s WinterFest? We are thrilled to announce the event, along with the upcoming release of MDLX Megatron (G2 Universe)!

MDLX Megatron (G2 Universe) will be at selected regional distribution partners and at threezero Store WinterFest online event page, starting from starting from 21 December at 9am HKT (20 December at 8pm EST)! At the threezero Store, a limited number of 50 pieces will be available. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to add this piece to your collection!

This marks our first release of an MDLX collectible figure in the bombastic color scheme and logo of the 1990’s Transformers: Generation 2 toy line, complemented by new camouflage decals! MDLX Megatron (G2 Universe) stands at approximately 7” (18 cm) tall, with approximately 45 points of articulation and a frame of a combination of die-cast metal and engineering plastic. Accessories include one Fusion Cannon, one Back Cannon, and four sets of interchangeable hands.

Join us in celebrating the holiday season with the vibrant MDLX Megatron (G2 Universe)!

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※ This item is available worldwide, excluding Japan.
※ In development. Final product may vary from promotional images.