From the classic animated series G.I. Joe, FigZero 1/6 Cobra Commander is currently available for pre-order at threezero Store, threezero Tmall, and distribution partners worldwide!

FigZero 1/6 Cobra Commander is a 1/6 scale articulated figure that stands approximately 30.5 cm (12 inches) tall. This figure includes numerous accessories to enhance your display, including Cobra Commander’s distinct Cobra Scepter. The Cobra Scepter features an ornate cobra head at the top, and has become one of the character’s most iconic accessories.

SRP: 149.99 USD / 1,180 HKD / 1,080 RMB / 4,760 TWD / 22,500 JPY

※ In development. Final product may vary from promotional images.

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