On November 3rd, 2023 we unveiled the logo of our new product line, “KAIJU-DOU,” ahead of WinterFest 2023. Today, we are excited to officially introduce it to you!

As the name suggests, “KAIJU-DOU” centers around the theme of monsters, giant monsters in particular, similar in essence to how our sister line, “ROBO-DOU”, centers around robots. “KAIJU-DOU” utilizes threezero’s unique die-cast zinc alloy combined with an engineering-grade plastic frame structure as the foundation, wrapped in soft vinyl to present the texture of monster flesh, without losing the range of articulation.

Through excellent sculpting and craftsmanship, “KAIJU-DOU” faithfully reproduces the details of each monster, allowing you to enjoy the exquisite aspects of these iconic character up close. Their unique shapes and proportions are carefully considered to ensure the utmost authenticity in replicating the original works.

Furthermore, “KAIJU-DOU” upholds threezero’s world renown painting techniques. With meticulous painting, each monster exhibits realistic textures and vibrant colors, providing you with an immersive visual experience.

“KAIJU-DOU” is set to debut in 2024. You definitely won’t want to miss this captivating product series whether you are a toy collector or a kaiju enthusiast. Join us in exploring “KAIJU-DOU” and immerse yourself in this breathtaking world of giant monsters!