From the science fiction illustrated novel Kokone Link, the enigmatic little robot “Dango” officially began pre-order earlier this month. The physical samples were also showcased at the “threezero in Shanghai 2023” exhibition, captivating many visitors with its compact and adorable design. The combination of a solid feel from the die-cast zinc alloy and engineering plastic frame structure, along with the high posability of the MDLX series, has won the hearts of many.

To express our gratitude for the support of Kokone Link fans, we are offering an early bird discount. From now until February 2, 2024, if you place an order during the pre-order period, you can enjoy a groundbreaking, incomparable discounted price for MDLX Dango with LED light-up function and abundant accessories: 30 USD / 199 RMB / 199 HKD / 980 TWD / 4,670 JPY.

Don’t miss out, pre-order now at:

(After the pre-order period, the SRP for MDLX Dango will be: 37 USD / 249 RMB / 249 HKD / 1,200 TWD / 5,760 JPY)

At the “threezero in Shanghai 2023” exhibition, threezero also displayed two 1.5-meter-tall large statues, one of Dango and the other of the mysterious robot Susano, which received much praise for its exquisite craftsmanship. We are actively working on its development, hoping to introduce the Susano collectible figure to everyone as soon as possible.

The creative team behind Kokone Link is currently preparing to adapt the novel into a comic, with plans for potential short animations in the future to showcase the story in various forms. We aim to bring readers vivid character interactions and thrilling battle scenes! For more updates on the new releases from Kokone Link, please stay tuned and follow the social media pages of threezero and Kokone Link.

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