Marvel’s Heroes in threezero’s DLX Collectibles Detail

Explore the Precision and Authenticity of threezero’s DLX Marvel Studios: The Infinity Saga Collectible Figures

Marvel Studios: The Infinity Saga figures by threezero are part of the DLX product line, known for their intricate designs in a smaller scale with high-fidelity production value. The DLX line features a unique metal frame design that not only offers a wide range of articulation but also enhances the weight and durability of the figures. With threezero’s meticulous paint application, these figures bear a striking resemblance to the characters as seen in the original media.

Let’s take the DLX Iron Man Mark 4 as an example. Constructed using the DLX die-cast system, this suit boasts over 48 points of articulation. It is specifically designed to strike various poses, including the iconic landing pose. Despite its small size, we have added LED functionality to this figure within the limited space. The chest and eyes can both light up, injecting a soul into the it.

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