Upcoming Marvel Collectibles Unveiled: threezero’s Surprising Additions

New Armors, New Characters, and New Elements Guaranteed – Your Opinion Matters!
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Surprises and new elements are guaranteed with threezero’s upcoming releases in the Marvel collection! Here’s what you can expect:

New Characters: Among them, threezero will unveil Captain America, marking the first-ever Marvel figure release to feature a lifelike head sculpt in addition to the DLX die-cast metal frame! Expect a battle damaged version

New Iron Man Armors: Adding to their impressive Iron Man lineup, threezero will introduce the DLX Iron Man Mark 1, completing the iconic Hall of Armor! Also, keep an eye out for the DLX Iron Man Mark 21

New Color Variants: Prepare to be amazed by the awe-inspiring color variations of Iron Spider and Black Panther that will undoubtedly surprise you!

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