threezero is proud to announce an advancement in dedication to technical expertise and unwavering commitment to create our newest product line, “PREMIUM+”, aiming to achieve the most faithful reproduction of a film’s CG model. With the guiding principles of “Precision, Perfection, and Beyond”, the debut product focuses on the iconic character of Optimus Prime from the movie Transformers: Dark of the Moon!

“PREMIUM+” is a leveled-up version of our already monumental “PREMIUM” collectible line. Bringing together threezero’s top engineers and craftsmen, every detail seen on the screen are condensed into a highly articulated figure at 19 inches tall. Every element, including wires, screws, armor, articulation and paintwork, witnessed in the movie can be found on this figure, aiming to set a new standard for collectible toys.

The paint sample of ” PREMIUM+” Optimus Prime, along with its stand, made their debut at the “threezero Shanghai Gathering 2023.” Attendees were in awe of its exquisite paintwork, craftsmanship, and extraordinary detailing, all of which truly bring the figure to life. An action base of curved weapon storage was also exhibited at the event, showcasing astonishing intricacy for all of Optimus Prime’s weapons, exuding a unique and commanding presence.

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*Prototype. Not Final. Pending Licensor Approval.

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