ROBO-DOU Tekkaman (threezero Redesign)

The Shining Sun in the Space

threezero is excited to announce that the new collectible figure ROBO-DOU Tekkaman (threezero Redesign)is coming soon. The project is inspired by “Tekkaman: The Space Knight,” an anime made by by Tatsunoko Productions and aired in 1975. Retaining its essential factors from the original design, such as the basic silhouette and coloring, threezero has added exquisite mechanical details to reinterpret Tekkaman in a modernized style.

The story is set in the 21st century in a fictional world where humankind can travel the universe. Due to serious destruction caused by environmental pollution, the Earth has become uninhabitable and humans are in search of a new planet. The journey starts as the Earth is about to end soon due to serious environmental pollution, and humans try to find a new planet to immigrate. It is during this search, that humankind encounters a group of evil alien beings, and protagonist Johji Minami transforms into Tekkaman to combat the enemies and secure the survival of humanity.

ROBO-DOU Tekkaman (threezero Redesign) is a non-scale articulated figure standing approximately 20cm (7.8”) tall. It utilizes a die-cast frame that provides over 50 points of articulation, and is constructed of ABS, PVC, POM and zinc alloy, providing an armored consistency as well as foundation for maintaining balance. LED light up features are installed in the Voltekka shooting port at the forehead and also at the eyes.

For the weapons, the figure comes with a double-ended lance “Tekklancer” and a whip “Tekkwin.” The whip end of Tekkwin has metal wire inside which makes it bendable and poseable. Other accessories include three pairs of interchangeable hands (one pair of fists, one pair of weapon-holding hands, and one pair of opened hands), which all makes it possible to display ROBO-DOU Tekkaman (threezero Redesign) in the heroic poses seen in the anime.

threezero’s design and engineer teams have dedicated themselves to achieving a high level of balance between aesthetic and function. Each joint has been given the appropriate firmness while maintaining a wide range of articulation. In result, Tekkaman is presented as a three-dimensional figure fully-realized in a contemporary new style while still keeping the agile and powerful presence from the original anime.