“Transformers: Bumblebee” DLX Ultra Magnus, “Transformers” MDLX Megatron (Comic Book Edition), and ROBO-DOU Tekkaman Blade (Metallic Ver.) are now available for sale at the 11.11 Shopping Festival at threezero Tmall, starting today!

For fans worldwide, all three collectible figures will also be available for pre-order at selected regional distribution partners and the threezero Store on 24 November at 9am HKT (23 November at 9pm EDT). At threezero Store, there will be a limited number of 30 pieces of ‘Transformers: Bumblebee” DLX Ultra Magnus and 50 pieces of “Transformers” MDLX Megatron (Comic Edition) available.

DLX Ultra Magnus: 229.90 USD / 1,710 RMB / 1,810 HKD / 7,440 TWD
MDLX Megatron (Comic Book Edition): 90 USD / 670 RMB / 710 HKD / 2,920 TWD
ROBO-DOU Tekkaman Blade (Metallic Ver.): 169 USD / 1,260 RMB / 1,330 HKD / 5,470 TWD

© 2023 Hasbro & Paramount Pictures Corporation.

※ This item is available worldwide, excluding Japan
※ The DLX Ultra Magnus color variant is a special edition collectible item, and this version of the character did not appear in the Transformers: Bumblebee movie
※ In development. Final product may vary from promotional images.